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UFA is 100 years young and the best is yet to come.
-Richard Peter, Chair, Centennial Committee


What is UFA?

Established in 1909, United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative Limited was originally formed to improve conditions for agricultural producers and bring modern conveniences to rural areas. Today, UFA is a leading provider of farm and ranch supply, petroleum products, and construction services. The co-operative has more than 35 Farm and Ranch Supply stores, over 110 Petroleum locations and more than 110 000 members, making it one of western Canada’s most progressive co-operatives.

Who can become a member of UFA?

Consumers, farmers, sole proprietors, and colonies or corporations with a primary focus on agriculture are eligible for UFA membership. Limited and incorporated companies, as well as partnerships not involved in agriculture are not eligible for UFA membership. Government agencies, associations and societies are also not eligible.

How much does it cost to become a member of UFA?

A $5.00 common share can be purchased at time of membership or can be accumulated through annual dividends on your purchases.

How do I become a member of UFA?

To become a member visit one of our UFA Farm and Ranch Supply stores or Petroleum locations, or call 1-877-258-4500. Individuals under 25 years of age are eligible for membership free of charge under our AGVANTAGE 25 program.

How do I become a voting member of UFA?

To become a voting member of UFA you must hold at least one $5 share and have purchased a minimum of $2500 worth of product in the previous year (exclusive of GST and/or other applicable taxes), or you must have a minimum of $2000 in Equity.

How will membership benefit me?

Membership entitles you to a voice in UFA's affairs, eligibility for patronage refunds and the economic benefits of fair and competitive prices in the marketplace.

What is a patronage refund?

A patronage refund is your share of the co-operative’s earnings allocated to you based on your purchases made during the year. When a dividend is declared at our annual meeting and you have made sufficient purchases during the year, you will qualify for a patronage refund based on the amount of your purchases.

What does equity mean? Revolving Equity? Investment Shares?

Equity means the investment you have made in UFA. This investment is made up of your membership shares, revolving equity and investment shares earned through your purchases at UFA interest free, similar to reserves in other co-operatives. Revolving Equity funds are used to finance the operation and future growth of UFA. One-twelfth of your Revolving Equity is converted annually into dividend earning Investment Shares.

Can I use my VISA or MasterCard at UFA?

Yes, VISA and MasterCard are accepted at time of purchase at all stores and petroleum agencies.

I prefer to use the convenience of my UFA account for all my day to day purchases but would still like to use my VISA/MasterCard to pay off my UFA account at the end of the month and still earn points.

This is just not an economically viable option for UFA. UFA must borrow funds from its banker and pay interest to finance the accounts receivable we carry. When UFA accepts VISA and MasterCard bank cards, the financial institutions charge UFA a merchant fee for the use of your credit card. To pay interest on the funds borrowed to finance your receivables and then discount your payment by paying the bank fees is not economically feasible.

Almost all of the VISA/MasterCard programs provide VISA/MasterCard cheques to encourage you to consolidate your debt onto their card.

UFA will gladly accept any and all VISA/MasterCard cheques. You would have to confirm with your particular credit card to learn if these transactions qualify for rewards.

Is my membership card a credit card?

No. Your membership card serves to identify you as a member of UFA. If you have arranged for a line of credit by completing a credit application you will be advised separately when your application is approved. Once approved, charge privileges are available at all locations providing your account remains in good standing.

How can I access the UFA Cardlock network?

You will need a UFA membership with credit approval to charge your fuel purchases using the Cardlock network. An application for credit can be obtained from your local UFA. Upon credit approval, you will need a cardlock fuel card to access the pumps. You can request a card either from your local UFA agent or by calling (403)258-4552. If you want access to dyed fuels you will need to supply us with your valid tax exempt permit number. If you want to access propane you will need to supply us with your current Propane Dispenser Training Certificate number. These certificates are valid for three years and must be renewed upon expiry.

Can I use my VISA/MasterCard credit cards to purchase fuel from UFA's Cardlock network?

The UFA Cardlock network is accessible exclusively by our very own proprietary UFA Cardlock card. The UFA Cardlock card is a no fee, net 30-day account card giving you access to one of the largest independent networks of fuel dispensing in Western Canada. We provide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year access with over 110 convenient locations. Your Cardlock purchases are not transferable to VISA or MasterCard other than payment with VISA or MasterCard cheques.


All prices and descriptions listed on this website are subject to confirmation at your local UFA Farm and Ranch Supply store.

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